BluGuitar BluBOX IR Virtual Speaker Cabinet Emulator - 16 Classic Speaker Cabs.

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Product Brand : Bluguitar
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BluGuitar BluBOX IR Virtual Speaker Cabinet Emulator - 16 Classic Speaker Cabs.

Guitarists are a strange breed. They love modifications just as long as nothing actually changes. Never change a winning team is their approach: the favourite guitar, the good old amp and that particular speaker cabinet. The final link in the chain is the defining resonating body to capture the magical sound.

Electric guitarists looking for the perfect way to mike up for live or for recording now have one of the simplest and most workable solutions available - which also sets new standards in sound quality. Brought together in a compact, lightweight metal box are 16 legendary speaker cabinets.

Drawing on 30 years of both stage and studio experience, Thomas Blug has put together a collection of his own. Recorded with the best microphones and digitally converted using today´s cutting-edge Convolution Technologie, locking down every detail. But why conserve the sounds digitally? Simply because analogue equipment cannot capture all the acoustic complexities and nuances the speakers produce. Convolution Technologie on the other hand is able to reproduce the complete array of tones and the uniqueness of each cabinet down to the last detail.

Virtual Speaker-Cabinet Collection:
Just pick your favourite cab, fine-tune the sound with the Mic-Position controller and away you go! 16 classic, world-renowned cabs are available in the BluBox: 5 legendary Marshall® cabs with vintages from 1965 and 1980 but also the glorious, cult cabinets from Vox®, Mesa-Boogie® and Fender®. Of course, I have also included the BluGuitar® NANOCAB™ and FATCAB™ which have been rapturously received in music world for their huge sound.

BluBOX™ is the ideal partner for all eventualities. Whether on stage or in the studio - wherever you need striking sounds of the highest quality miked up or recorded. All this works with the BluBOX™ directly and even without a speaker cabinet!

BluBOX™ - The new Speaker Emulation with the most legendary cabinet / microphone combinations of the past 50 years music history, captured for the discerning professional. Great sounds, simple use, small package! The Sound of Tone Innovation.
Cabinet Selection

NANOCAB™ - BluGuitar® 1x12" FATCAB™ - BluGuitar® 1x12" STACK 1965 - Original Marshall® 4x12"Celestion® (Alnico 15Watts) STACK 1967 - Original Park® 4x12" Celestion® (Greenback 25 watts) STACK 1970 - hall® 4x12" Celestion® (Greenback 25 Watts 55 Hz) STACK 1971 - Original Marshall® 4x12" Celestion® (G12h30) STACK 1980 - Original Marshall® 4x12" Celestion® (G12h75) METAL V30 - Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4x12" Celestion® V30 METAL CL80 - Celestion® Classic Lead 80 in custom built 4x12" cabinet JAZZ 120 - Roland® Jazz Chorus® 120 TWEED 1x12 - Vintage ´57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe® SILVER 1x12 - Fender® Princeton® Silverface 1x12" BLACK 2x10 - Fender® ´64 Vibroverb® 2x10" BLACK 2x12 - Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2x12" orange JBL® mixed with Jensen® C12K Black 4x10 - Vintage 60s Fender® Super Reverb® 4x10" BLUE 2x12 - Original Vox® AC30 JMI® 2x12" Celestion® Blue Bulldog Technical data

Connections: Line In, Line Out, Speaker In, Speaker Through (Jacks), Transformer Balanced XLR Mic Out Voltage: 9V-18V DC 200mA Dimensions: 120 x 95 x 38 mm (4,72" x 3,74" x 1,49") Weight: 350g / 12.35oz Latency: Ultra low latency ~1 ms = Distance of 30cm to a cabinet


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