Dunlop Heavy Core Heavy 7 Electric Guitar Strings .010 - .060 (7 String set)

Product Brand : Jim Dunlop
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.010, .013, .017, .028 (W), .038 (W), .048 (W), 60(W)

Dunlop Heavy Core Strings are available in Heavy, Heavier and Heaviest Gauges.

'Strings are not just strings. They are the connection between you and your music. When strings go dead, so does your inspiration to play. After all who wants to play when strings feel crusty and their sound is muddy and dull? It’s a curse we’ve lived with for years.

The latest addition to Dunlop Heavy Core® electric guitar strings series is our Heavy Core 7 String set. Our Seven String set gauge was specifically designed for definition, tonal balance and superior intonation when playing in dropped or lowered tuning styles. Heavy Core Seven incorporates a unique core wire and proprietary wrap ratios to offer players the ability to really "dig in" while retaining a tight low end, focused midrange and smooth top-end when playing clean or distorted. Every set of Dunlop Strings come packaged utilizing three levels of moisture protection and sealed in a VCI Fresh Technology (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) bag to guarantee that your strings arrive as fresh as the day they were made. Great for standard B, B with dropped A, 1/2 step and B Flat tunings and can also be used with a baritone guitar. Baritone players will feel right at home using Heavy Core 7's six lower strings for their instruments and saving the high E (.010) as a back up for one of their six string electrics.

Death Angel, Dethklok, Queens of the Stoneage, Trivium, Phil Demmel-Machine Head, Robb Flynn-Machine Head, Mark Morton-Lamb of God, Tommy Victor-Prong/Ministry, Sin Quirlin-Ministry/Rev Co., Doug Aldrich-Whitesnake, Mike Squires-Duff McKagan’s Loaded, Matt Heafy-Trivium, Pat O’Brien-canibal Corpse, Rob Barrett-Canibal Corpse, Paolo Gregoletto-Trivium, Jim Root-Slipknot, Paul Gray-Slipknot, Mike Hasty-Walls Of Jericho


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