Heat Proof Coloured Transparent Gel Sheet for stage lighting effects with a wide choice of colours

Product Code : WWM/KKA
Product Brand : WWMGEL
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Heat Proof Coloured Transparent Gel Sheet for stage lighting effects with a wide choice of colours

These Coloured Gel sheets can be used for lots of things such as: Arts and crafts, Change the colour of lighting effects Stage Lighting, Window Dressing, Dyslexia overlay reading sheets, (OHP) Over Head Projectors.


These are a huge 48" X 21" in size - not to be mistaken for many smaller sizes available on the internet.

Please see the wide range of colours available and make your choice in the drop-down menu.

We cannot guarantee the colour match you may see on your computer screen if it is not colour corrected. We expect buyers to be aware of the colour they are buying using the international colour recognition number and name as shown in the drop-down menu.

These coloured sheets are heat proof and can withstand high temperatures. They can easily be trimmed with a pair of scissors or craft knife and cut to any size you like.

Lighting Filter Gels are transparent coloured material mainly used in theatre lighting. Gels are a thin sheet of polycarbonate/polyester and can be placed in front of lights to give a nice colour effect.

Filter Gels are made so that they can withstand high temperatures.

Please think when you use these. It is important to keep an air gap between the gel and the bulb / lamp. You can use both sides of the gel.

These coated on both sides, European made, heat-resistant and are the suitable filter gels for most types of stage lighting, DJ's, Display purposes, photographic work etc.

Fire retardent to BS3944

48" x 21"

We also sell Parcans, Parcan lamps (spot and flood), Rotating Fuzz Lights, Ultra Violet Cannons and Ultra Violet Striplights, Bubble Machines, Smoke Machines, Smoke and Bubble Fluid, Gel Filters, Ropelights and a Whole Lot More ! .

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