Metal Braided 6 Amp Mains Electrical Cable - BRASS FINISH

Product Brand : Flexiform
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Metal Braided 6 Amp Mains Electrical Cable - BRASS FINISH

This cable is manufactured to modern high specifications and is perfect for the restoration and refurbishment of industrial equipment and any item with an industrial look. It is particularly suitable for electrical hand tools where the metal braid adds extra protection from physical damage.

Metallic wire braid, with an optional brass, plain copper, stainless steel, black enamel or aged copper finish.

It is also particularly useful for any situation where animals may present a problem. Wherever  you might have rodents, cats, dogs, or other animals biting at your wires.

Provides an element of electrostatic and electromagnetic shielding (if the braid is earthed)

Please note: Due to the metallic braid, we recommend for safety purposes that this cable should always be earthed.

Attenuates electrical field interference with EMI protection. EMI/RFI is commonly referred to as electrical noise. 

Cable Standards

  • BS EN 50525-2-11:2011
  • BS EN 60228:2004
  • Low Voltage European Directive No. 2014/35/UE.


These PVC/PVC double insulated cables are flexible and robust. Manufactured following recognised standards they are designed to replicate cable of an industrial nature and a past period and is for decoration only. 


Any situation where wear and tear or harm from animals may be an issue, electrical tools, machinery, kitchen appliances.

IMPORTANT: These cables are cut from a reel and therefore are NOT RETURNABLE - They are exempt from the Distance Selling regulations

Prices are per metre length, so you can order the exact quantity you wish. IE for 5 metres enter a Quantity of 5 - All quantities will be sent in one continuous length

Technical Information:

  • Operating temperatures: + 70oC maximum outer jacket temperature
  • Cores: 3
  • CSA (mm²): 0.75
  • Stranding nb/Ø(mm): 24/0.2
  • Operating voltage:  300 V
  • Current Rating: 6 Amps
  • Average O/D (mm): 6.00
  • Weight Kg per 100m: 4.5

Relevant standard:

These core conductors are manufactured to Italian IMQ standards for the stranding and insulation.

Insulation colours: 3 cores: brown, blue, green/yellow.

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