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Comprehensive Professional Audio Cable tester.

You are looking at a Comprehensive Audio Cable tester. It is brand new and boxed.

This is an absolute must for the gigging musician.

The tester can test XLR cables, jack leads, phono cables, Speakon cables, DIN cables, and speaker cabling with banana plugs. There is also an integral continuity and fuse tester.

As well as testing standard cables using all of the connectors above, this unit also tests adaptor cables - so if you have an XLR to jack adaptor, just plug into the XLR on one side of the tester and a jack socket on the other and off you go. Any combination of connectors is possible.

You get a clear indication of what is going on with your cable. Bright LEDs show which pins are connected to which, rather than cheaper testers which either give a pass/fail or have displays that are difficult to decode. With this, it's easy to see what's going on. It's also very quick to - no messing around. This means you can also check things like TRS insert cables, and XLR ground lift or polarity reverse adaptors, and it will tell you exactly what is going on.

As you can see from the photo, there are five sets of LEDs. This means that all five pins on DIN leads are checked, not just three!

One other really neat feature - which doesn't appear on any other testers in this price bracket, like the CableCop - is the ability to check for shorts between signal cores and the shell of the connector. This is the main cause of earth hums in PA systems and eliminating it is often very difficult. Here, you get a clear indication (via another LED) if the problem is present, and you can easily tell which connector is the problem.

The unit runs from a 9V battery. The battery sits in a drawer on the front of the unit for easy access - far better than some other testers we have used in the past where you need to unscrew the unit to replace the battery - usually when you are most short of time.

The casing is metal and extremely sturdy and will stand the rigours of being 'on-the-road'

This product will allow the continuity testing of the following cables

  • 6.35mm Mono jack to 6.35mm Mono jack speaker leads
  • 6.35mm Mono jack to 6.35mm Mono jack screened leads
  • 5 Pin din to 5 Pin din leads
  • Phono to Phono leads
  • 3 Pin XLR line plug to 3 Pin XLR line socket (balanced)
  • 3 Pin XLR line Socket to 6.35mm Mono jack (unbalanced)
  • 4 Pole Speakon to 4 Pole Speakon leads
  • 2 Pole Speakon to 2 Pole Speakon leads
  • 2 pole Speakon to 6.35mm mono jack leads
  • 4 Pole Speakon to 6.35mm mono jack leads
  • Continuity checking via 4mm banana sockets (leads not supplied)

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