Hi there, 

I am writing as i am very impressed with the item i bought from you. Behringer a great value and i wasnt sure that this item would be as good as the rest. It is maybe better than the boss EQ pedal, seriously. I play through a blackstar series one but need more tight bottom end more bite more attack etc... I put this in line with the amp and guitar and was a little disappointed to say the least but remembered a review from online. If you put this through the effect loop of the amp it is stunning! may tone was transformed. I am completely happy with my tone now! just for 30 quid! This pedal seriously has a lot of potential. It turned my classic valve driven amp into a demon! Many thanks, great item ,great tone, great price, great service. 

Thank you all in good order delivery super quick one very happy customer indeed.

Excellent deal,high quality item,thank you,highly recomended.

Superb!! item perfect as described and delivered next day. thank you.

Thank you - Recieved - Excellent quality and packaged well. Eleano Records.

Impossible to beat! Killer price, speed of light. Well beyond recommendations!

You just can't get better service than this, HIGHLY recommended!!

Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the advice and the mics (3rd one came yesterday)

Children's concert went like a dream.

Mics were fantastic and even though the evening stresses me out (kids and singing on stage is never the easiest) it went really well.

In fact a member of the audience actually came up at the end to ask which mics I used as he was really impressed with the results.

I of course pointed him in your direction. Please don't be afraid to point anyone in my direction for reviews of C-1

Many thanks again, David.

Simply the greatest transaction in the history of mankind!!
The Boltman

Thanks for the valve and advice.

End result, unit works! How excellent is this pedal! Fantastic! Easy to go overboard with the gain, and haven't really played with the tone controls properly either yet - so much variety and it all sounds exquisite through the clean channel of my 12" 60W valve amp made in Australia, a bit like an early Boogie I suppose. So too much valve saturation is a danger. But I've got that baby singing! Thanks a lot, Karen.

Mr C Roads from Gloucester says:

From start to end, one of the best on- line transactions that I have ever had.  Very helpful and ultra-fast advice on the best light to buy; including a recommendation to buy a lower cost item to do the job that I needed.  True next day delivery, and when it arrived everything was really well packed.
Prices are very competitive, perhaps not the absolute lowest but near as makes no difference and advice and quality of service count for a lot.  I will definitely return next time I need some more kit.  Very Highly recommended.

Hello there John ( or whoever reads this e-mail ).

You may recall I recently placed an order with you for some Van Damme LCOFC 2.5mm speaker cable. It arrived more quickly than I could have expected given the holiday period involved so Thank You for that.

The cable has exceeded my expectations by a good margin. Not only is it beautifully made and presented but it's great value for money. I am using it to replace a considerably more expensive cable from, and I'll mention the company, QED. It was way above the 79 strand level.

Sound quality from cables can be very system dependent but the Van Damme is clearly superior in my set up and a lot easier to work with.

Thanks again for great service and a great product. I'll certainly bear you in mind for future purchases,

Regards - David Priest